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Tell Me More February 12, 2017 Holocaust Education with Ann Weiss

These were the photographs Hitler never wanted you to see. The cherished family pictures brought to a concentration camp by a transport of Polish Jews in 1943. Their discovery at Auschwitz by Dr. Ann Weiss, author, filmmaker and speaker from Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania marks its 30th anniversary this year. The daughter

Tell Me More February 5, 2017 The Cancer Whisperer with Sophie Sabbage

SOPHIE SABBAGE is an An author shares her journey in finding courage, direction and the unlikely gifts of cancer in her new book, "The Cancer Whisperer: Finding Courage, Direction and the Unlikely Gifts of Cancer." This book chronicles Sophie’s extraordinary relationship with cancer and the very effective methods she has used for

Tell Me More January 29, 2017 Domestic Violence on Campus with Bill Mitchell

In 2005, Bill and Michele Mitchell lost their only daughter Kristin, then 21, when her boyfriend stabbed her in a fit of rage three weeks after she graduated from Saint Joe’s University in Philadelphia. Dating abuse is defined as physical, sexual, or psychological violence within a close relationship. It isn’t an argument every

Tell Me More – January 1, 2017 – The New Science of Synchronicity with Dr. Bernard Beitman

We've all experienced or heard of surprising events and unexplainable coincidences—money that seems to come from nowhere, a spontaneous idea that turns into a life-changing solution, meeting our soulmate on a flight we weren't supposed to take, or families being reunited by "accident" after years of separation. Often these coincidences are explained as being