The Bathroom Hand Dryer Might Be Flinging Poo at You

Please don’t read this post while eating. (image via shutterstock)


Sorry! Sorry sorry sorry. I wrote this while trying to eat a pretzel if that’s any consolation.

A new study adds to the growing body of evidence that public bathroom hand dryers dry your hands, but cover them with bacteria in the process.

In the study, from Applied and Environmental Microbiology, researchers put culture plates under the air dryers for 30 seconds, where they collected between 18-60 bacteria colonies each. For comparison, leaving the plates in the regular bathroom air for two minutes only resulted in the plate collecting ONE bacteria colony.

Oh and not all air dryers are created equal: regular hot air dryers are regular-bad, and those fancy “pull-your-hands-out-slowly” ones are the WORST. They’re 27 times worse than using paper towels.

So I guess it’s paper towels all around, unless you feel like living dangerously with the air dryer. Although really: your phone is probably already covered in poo, so is your toothbrush. Poo is everywhere, everything is poo. And we keep living anyway/we rise and we fall and we break and we make our mistakes/etc.

Or you could always just dry your hands on your pants.



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