A Toddler Locked His Mom Out Of Her iPhone For 48 YEARS

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This morning on the way to work I hit play on my iTunes in my car and my iPhone–which had 3/4 battery life left–promptly restarted itself twice then insisted it had no battery. And I thought that would be the worst phone thing I’d hear all day. At least when I get to work I can charge it up and get back into it…unlike this mom whose 2-year old locked her out of hers for 48 YEARS.

Did you know this is a thing that could happen? Has anyone had this happen? iPhones can be set so that, when you enter the passcode wrong a lot, the amount of time you’re locked out gets longer and longer. The mother left her son alone with her phone long enough that he entered the passcode in wrong enough times to lock it for 25 million minutes. That’s 48 years. And I guess she had that setting on?And I am SURE at some point she thought, “how much damage can he do, it’s just for a minute and the phone’s locked after all.”

So what does one DO when this nightmare happens? According to a tech, all that can be done is to give the phone a reset–and hopefully you have a backup.

At least mom has her sense of humor intact. She said in 40+ years, when the phone finally unlocks, “I’ll probably joke to my grandchildren ‘this is your dad’s fault.”




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