You’ve Never Seen Peeps Like These New Peeps

Just in time for Easter, Peeps just launched eight new flavors!

First, excuse my ignorance: do peeps even have a flavor? Does “blue” taste different than “yellow?” Am I being a snob?

These new flavors are all over the place and need some explaining. FIRST, there is ONE new flavor that is a “regular” peep that’s Sour Cherry Flavored. It is available nationwide.


THEN, there are three “Mystery” flavors, which are only available at Walmart. They would like you to try to guess what the flavors are using the hashtag #MysteryPeeps. A popular guess is that #1 is root beer. The flavors will be announced at the end of the month, until then it’s anyone’s guess.


THEN there’s a new Pancakes and Syrup flavor (ugh) that’s only available at Kroger. It’s only about 12 hours to West Virginia if you wanna try them! The good news is that Peeps said they do this certain-flavors-certain-stores game to test out what should be released nationwide next year, so maybe you’ll get your breakfast Peeps at the Shoprite after all.

FINALLY there are new “filled Peeps,” a Neapolitan flavor which is a strawberry Peep dipped in vanilla fudge (excuse me, Créme Fudge) and filled with chocolate. And two new dipped sherbet flavors: an orange and a lemon, both dipped in fudge. These are available exclusively at Target.


So basically, you go HERE and pick out which Peep you want to try, and it will tell you where you can find them. It is a wild west of Peeps flavors and combinations I never even knew existed. There are Peeps with sprinkles, everyone! O brave new world which has such wonders in it.

I have done more involved research for this post than any other that I can remember and know more about Peeps than I ever cared to. This is me now:





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