You Can’t Get A Good Night Sleep…Listen Up Insomniacs!

Maybe you have no problem falling asleep…but you can’t stay asleep for longer than a few hours. You work odd hours and your sleep is completely out of whack. The holiday stress is getting to you and you can’t sleep right no matter how hard you try because your brain won’t shut off. There are plenty of reasons why millions of Americans can’t get a full night of sleep. The worst is when you start looking at the clock thinking if I fall asleep right this very second I can still get 4 hours! One study even found just one night of no sleep weakens your health more than eating a high fat diet for 6 months!! Yikes!!

I found some natural remedies…you have nothing to lose and hopefully plenty of rest to gain. So why not give a few a try!!

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Get a Noise Machine!

Background sounds like rain falling, crickets chirping or any nature sounds. But one of my favorite noises of them all…is the sound of my fan going all year round!

Shut off your phone and computer 3 hours before bed.

The lights from the phone and computer wake you right up like daylight completely disrupt your sleep cycle. Also, playing on social media before bed will keep your brain going.

Eat a Banana.

Potassium and magnesium are natural muscle relaxants…making you sleepy.

Smell some Lavendar.

I know for fact…this one really works! Something about the smell just lulls you to sleepland.

Sleep on your right side.

Left-side sleepers are 26% more likely to have nightmares…keeping you awake. So right side it is!

Eat some Carbs or Turkey!

Don’t get crazy but the white foods (Pasta, Potato, Toast)…all help boost the levels of tryptophan! Known for making you sleep… Think of Thanksgiving Dinner!

Drink Warm Milk And Honey…Together!

Warm your milk put some honey in there…works like a charm!

Take a Hot Bath.

It’ll relax you and take the stress away!

Wear Socks to Bed!

Wearing socks dilates your blood vessels and helps your blood flow, it leads to a perfect temperature for snoozing.

Hide your Clock.

It’ll make you panic about how much sleep you all missing by staring at it.

Keep paper and a pen by your bed.

Jolt all your thoughts on paper…once you put them there it’ll help your mind relax!

I hope they work for you! But if you’re still up all night might as well enjoy the Christmas Tunes with me until 5am!! Sweet Dreams!

By Angel Donato




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