Watch This Boy Nail “Let It Go” In Front of Idina Menzel


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So, it looks like during her concert, Idina Menzel brings up kids who want to do a singalong to “Let It Go” from Frozen, the role that catapulted her into the touring stratosphere even though that should have been RENT/The Wild Party/Wicked but okay. As you can see it’s pretty much all little girls, and as the intro to the song starts Idina singles out Luke and asks, “do you even know what song this is?”

Let It Go,” he answers immediately, and in case you couldn’t hear the sass he goes on to say “Obviously. What kind of a question is that?” Girl, he came to this concert prepared. He knows your whole songbook. He came here to sing and not mess around, ok?

“Lemme tell you what I’ve been through” Idina answers, pulling him up to stand beside her. “Every time a little boy comes up he tells me he doesn’t like the song. One even said he like Trolls better.” It’s not that Idina just assumes boys don’t know what Frozen is, you guys, it’s that she’s seen some things on these streets.

“Heck to the NO, I’m offended,” says Luke, and suddenly I can’t wait to buy tickets to his one-man cabaret revue in twenty years.

But all this is only leading up to the very best part! She lets him sing Let It Go and he is AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG. This kiddo spent hours in his bedroom practicing for the show. Luke warmed up in the car. And really, don’t we all? He is not throwing away his shot.

And Idina, I’m sure, is thrilled to have someone else take care of Let It Go for once in 293757392845 times.




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