Tell Me More May 15, 2016 Silencing the Negative Voice Inside Your Head with Alba Alamillo

Are you suffering from self-sabotage, self-harm, low self-esteem, frustration and a lack of healthy boundaries? In her book “The Dark Side of the Mind: Stories of Love, Transcendence and Transformation”, Alba Alamillo explains the real workings of your powerful mind and how to change the beliefs that have been holding you back.

Listen to Tell Me More from Sunday, May 15, 2016  How to Silence the Negative Voice Inside Our Heads with Alba Alamillo

Alba says we must understand that this side of our minds simply doesn’t want to cooperate with us. But the moment we understand how it works, we can turn it around and make it an ally instead of an enemy. That part of our mind is frequently underestimated because, while it has our best interests in mind, it operates in an outdated fashion, responding to stress in a very primitive fashion, more appropriate for the Stone Age than the world we live in now. Learn more at

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