Impossible Question

What is the Impossible Question?

It’s maddening, frustrating, and a lot of fun, but mostly it’s a nice cash prize if you get the answer right!  To play and win, tune in to 101.1 More FM weekday mornings at 6:40 AM and try your luck with the Impossible Question.

What do I get if I call in and guess the right answer?

Well, other than ultimate bragging rights, we’ll send you $101.  And, on days there’s no correct answer, we’ll carry the question over to the next weekday and the prize will increase to $202 and so on!

Official Contest Rules


The Impossible Question (1/29/16)

Q: Don’t be surprised if you see THIS fashion trend, this spring! (Make sure you get the new hint!)

A: STILL not answered, can you believe it??!! So think about it over the weekend because Monday’s jackpot is HUGE!

IQ Prize Total: $909 on Monday, 2/1/16! Good luck!