This Weatherman Has A Trick to De-Ice Your Windshield in Seconds

I’m doing this ASAP. I haaaaaaate scraping! So here’s his trick in case you don’t have the entire three minutes to wait for him to show you what the mixture is: 1 part water to 2 parts isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Put it in a spray bottle and viola! Ice GONE. He even says since isopropyl has such a low freeze point you can keep it in your trunk.

One caveat: when I’ve posted videos like this before, some of you say “but the car’s paint.” Was that because the others were a vinegar solution? Is diluted isopropyl really strong enough to strip paint off a car (I doubt it?). I am not an expert in car paint, I just trust this one a little more because this guy’s a weatherman and the video is old enough that it should have been pulled if it was ruining paint jobs.


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